Thursday, March 17, 2011

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celebration of the unification of Italy

Unity Day in Italy
Today there our birthday, with the flag and some green handkerchief.
Apart from the whistles for the Northern League, Russia and Berlusconi, who defended himself, "Unless the country by the communists," here's the card. Bagnasco indicating important considerations.
"This is not rhetoric, nor even nostalgia that moves us, but the knowledge that the country that gave us life is a precious legacy and set a demanding responsibility" Bagnasco said
The "face" of Italy reveals the identity of our diverse and plural country as it combines features and traditions that develop in a harmonious and supportive, according to Don Luigi Sturzo called the 'healthy competitive spirit of freedom '. And we could add the industry "continues to pass Bagnasco
MA reflections contrary
" The unity of Italy is not an event to celebrate. "Indeed," it would have been better if there had not been so why would the richest Padania . 'And again: "When I hear the national anthem feel annoyed because I feel a little oppressed by those who won me over." Finally, "Do not ever since esporrei balcony of my home the tricolor. "These are the statements of the Head of Delegation at the European Northern League, Francesco Speroni, interviewed by the newspaper online Affaritaliani.It
" Unification of Italy? the south does not have much to celebrate. When the southern people will finally be redeemed, in fact we will have achieved the unity of the country and we will be quite happy to celebrate. "I said Arturo Iannaccone, leader of South
What a beautiful unity of Italy, despite political differences, we celebrating.
"150 years of centralism, that failure" is the title to two pages, on the day of the National Unity Day, the 'Padania' dedication to a special on the waste of Italy. "Celebrating farewell to parasites united in federalism. "
But there is someone who is sick:
Flags at half mast in Lampedusa." It will be a day of mourning, said Mayor Dino de Rubeis-indeed, 300 tourism entrepreneurs are in agony, suffering from the invasion by immigrants. There will be no announced the transfer to Italy and the island is dying. "
Borghezio Want to know what you think?
" E 'out of place to throw away all this money. "The League's Mario Borghezio, confirmed this morning in Omnibus LA7 on its opposition to the institution of a national day of celebration on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. "Fate, the wind of history will lead to two Italys. "Fate, the wind of history will lead to two Italys."
You are not happy with this unit?
But why does politics divide a country, taking away resources and culture, renewable energy, does not lessen the tax burden, federalism, judicial reform (say so), benefits only the politicians / rich ....
Then, the speech "with the atom forward" Prestigiacomo, with enthusiastic tone, makes you cry.
Even in a non-emotional, but also thoughtful, playful, serious, I say let it go nuclear.
al'Unità return of Italy. Happy Birthday
Italy, 150 years. Berlusconi want to get to 120, but that is another thing.
The Unity of Italy has created, shared, so many languages. He created the Italian, who combines all somehow.
has created a nation full of culture, maldifesa, but full of culture.
Education has had trouble, try to think if we give more money to weapons, as it can advance education.
Then came the creation, loved by the Italians, but not by some political powers limited, but if you do not want to have a dictatorship, it is better that way. Although the TV, it creates problems of media management at times.
While celebrating the unity, we remember the 50 heroes who are trying to avoid Fukushima a worst case scenario. They are real heroes, do not tell the league, or if they are not to become completely green.
Wikileaks had reported that the IAEA had told Japan that the reactors were not the maximum life of security, and unfortunately we have seen.
Finally, here is a U.S. study.
high costs, long-lived high or low security environment is not known.
Advantages: there are already, France, UK, USA and Japan use it. less pollution than coal, then they see the benefits for most firms in the industry and the environment.
The referendum on nuclear power, I hope, that there are people, to show that the 14 Italian regions have otherwise reason.


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